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New Item: Boxing Roo!


The idea of a boxing kangaroo originates from the animal's defensive behavior, in which it will use its smaller forelegs (its "arms") to hold an attacker in place while using the claws on its larger hind legs to try to kick, slash or disembowel them. This stance gives the impression that the kangaroo appears to be "boxing" with its attacker.


The inflatable boxing kangaroo has been known since 2006 when Australia United has created the 1 meter Inflatable Boxing Kangaroo and officially registered the product. This iconic product often displayed prominently by Australian spectators at sporting events, such as cricket, tennis, basketball and soccer matches, and at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games as well as theme parties, music festivals, and any related Australian events.


Today the distinctive inflatable kangaroo product that embodies the spirit of Australia,  which is embraced by all Australians, has considered as one of Australian symbols to represent Australia across the globe. To verify that you are purchasing an authentic product, check the packaging for its registration number 310709. You may also directly purchase the product in this link.

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